Sister Wanda Wu Wein of the Blessed Bento Box

Mother Abbess

Favorite Colours: Amazon Gold and Power Ranger Pink   
Favorite Symbol: Fan
Favorite Blessing: “May the winds from this fan/glitter from this vial relieve you of any guilt,
and may the pleasures you seek keep you ever fulfilled.”
Favorite Sister Song: "I Am What I Am" by Shirley Bassey

Sister Wanda was born and raised in Toronto. As a little nun-ling, she volunteered at her local
Roman Catholic Church (and surprisingly, she was not volun-told). She was such a model
parishioner that the congregation thought one day she would take her vows as a priest. By this
point, she already knew who she was gay, and scoffed at the thought. After years of bullying in
Catholic schools and inundation of the church’s negative views on homosexuality, she left for a
different church – Church and Wellesley. There, she forged her own path putting her best and
most authentic self forward wherever she went – whether that was taking lots and lots of
photos of drag and leather/kink events; being the first Canadian correspondent for the US-
based leather news website,; performing with the queer colour guard group,
the ROTC (Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps) Toronto; and becoming the first runner-up of
the Mr. Leatherman Toronto 2010 competition where she ended her speech about judgement
and prejudice in the leather/queer community with the words, “I am here, I am very very
queer, and I am not going anywhere”.
She also found her own path helping her fellow humans through her career in social work. For
over a decade, she worked with people who are homeless or in low-income housing, and
people living with physical, mental health and addiction issues.
When she discovered the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, she felt that the Sisters was the
culmination of all the stuff she has done in the past and took her vows to be a Sister in 2015.
She has since provided tireless service to her community – both off and on her knees 😉
In her spare time (whenever she has it), Wanda still has fun wherever she goes – whether she
dresses in outlandishly fabulous outfits to making people laugh and smile (especially when she
is the butt of the joke) to blowing all sorts of instruments (although she claims she plays just
oboes and flutes, but with Sister Wanda, you never know… *evil grin*).

Thoughts on her favorite symbol – the fan:

Throughout history and throughout the world, the fan has been used by a wide variety of
people including actors, dancers, entertainers, priests, warriors, nobility, and royalty. The
purposes of the fan has also been diverse – a toy, an accessory, an implement to cool oneself
down, an instrument in ceremonies and performances. For Wanda, the fan represents both her
Asian heritage (where much of the fan's history takes place), and how something or someone
can be multi-faceted and practical, but still incorporate fun, flamboyance, and flare.

Brother Bear Hugger of the Big Blue Box

Vicar of Vestments

Brother Bear was born in a strange land to the south that
we heard of once upon a nightmare. Yes, America. He
moved to the home of maple syrup forever after falling
in love with a being from Barrie and he has never looked
back. The rest of us are jealous as all shit. A tailor by
trade, community servant by heart and a Leatherman by
night, Bear is part of many Toronto organizations
including Spearhead and now the Toronto Sisters of JOY.

Bear sends his love and hugs to his husband Craig and
their awesome pets – Lowry, Missy and Brakken.

Favorite Colour: Cobalt Blue
Favorite Symbol: TARDIS
Favorite Mantra: "Time heals all wounds.”
Favorite Sister Song: "Chains" by Tina Arena

Laid Minister in Leather Craig


Laid Minister Craig was born in Toronto, but raised in a small town. How small was this town? It was so small that the houses were so close together, and if you sneezed, your neighbour could say "Bless you!" It was so small that he had to import his husband, Brother Bear Hugger from the U.S. Why he married Brother Bear? We will never know...
In 2005, Craig went to one of the first Pride Parades in the city of Barrie, Ontario. Although he did his best to avoid the cameras during the event, Craig came home and found himself on the 5 o'clock news regarding the Parade. Because of the Pride coverage on the news, Craig came out to his whole family in one fell swoop.
When he moved back to Toronto, Craig volunteered in many positions in different organizations including Spearhead Leather & Denim Club Toronti and the Toronto Sisters of J.O.Y. However, on his knees is reserved only for his husband.
Because he was blindingly beautiful when he was born, Craig will almost always be seen in the company of a seeing eye dog - previously Vimmy (the black lab who was actually voted by the Toronto Sisters to be an "associate member") until his recent retirement, and currently, Lowry the golden retriever.
Colour: Leather Black
Symbol: Leather Pride Flag
Favourite Mantra: Carpe Diem
Favourite Song: "Up Where We Belong"

Novice Sister Eatza Hardqux of the Divine Load

Vice Chair

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Bio Picture of Sister Gaye Mergirl of the Fleshy Joystick

Novice Sister Gaye Mergirl of the Fleshy Joystick


Favorite Colour: Lavender Purple
Favorite Symbol: The Labyrinth
Favorite Blessing/Mantra : One step in front of the other, preferably in fabulous yet practical footwear. 
It’s dangerous to go alone! Take me!
Favorite Song: Cherry Lips by Garbage
Bio: Gaye was born in Edmonton, Alberta. Being the delicate blossom that she is, her wanderings of Canada to escape the cold led her to crossing paths with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence in Vancouver during the slut walk. She spent many a happy hour spreading joy and expiating guilt out west, and was pleased as punch to find the Sisters of Joy here in Taranha when she moved here in 2018. 
Her favourite causes are gay refugees, safer shame-free sex education, and lending a hand to the various and exciting groups here in Toronto. 
Thoughts on his/her favorite symbol: The labyrinth, unlike a maze, has no dead ends and can be used as a moving meditation. Gaye likes to apply the image of the labyrinth as a reminder that you can always go forward in love from whatever situation you find yourself in. Much like the video games she’s so fond of, there’s always an opportunity to hit ‘Continue’. Just remember when things feel incredibly difficult, sometimes you need someone to be your player two. Or three... or four or five...

Novice Sister Rhydonya Hardqux of the Immaculate Satisfaction

Mistress of Light

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Novice Sister Aretha Petunia

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